5 Star Hotels

Luxury HotelCharacteristics and examples of 5 star hotels.

Characteristics and examples of 5 star hotels includes the various means used to identify and classify such lodgings and accommodations.

When most travelers are asked to describe the Characteristics and examples of 5 star hotels they tend to leave out some of the details and stick to defining the experience. It is usually describe in glowing terms which in the end is what most of these establishments are trying to achieve.

A popular definition of the characteristics and examples of 5 star hotels claims that such establishments are usually luxury hotels and are ranked among the most expensive resorts and hotels in the world.

These hotels tend to offer a variety of extra services all designed to attract the attention and loyalty of their client´┐Żle. They also offer unique services not available elsewhere as well. Certain 5 star hotels have their own air strips, private golf courses among a number of other things.

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